About Us

Our Reputation

Being in business for 50 years and with more than 100 years of combined experience in construction, Keystone has earned an indisputable reputation as a superior builder in Western Colorado.

We have built our reputation by using the client’s best interest to motivate every decision we make. Our transparent communication model combined with highly refined processes and systems, eliminate the anxiety and frustrations that many experience with “other” builders. We do not just say we are a superior builder; we prove it!

Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.

What Makes Keystone Custom Builders
Stand Out from the Others?

Transparency = Trust

Trust is imperative, but it is not automatic! We believe in earning our clients’ trust by executing a completely transparent building and communication style.

Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.

We use Fohlio, an online design and specification software that allows you to collaborate on the finishes of your home on any device that has internet access.

We give you direct vendor pricing. You pay what we pay.

We build a 250-350 task Master Gantter Project Calendar using the critical path method of scheduling to prove & ensure that we can complete the project on time.
We share an online project calendar with you so that you know exactly what will be happening on your project in real-time.
We update you bi-monthly on the status of your project costs. We take the guesswork out of where your money is going. You have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are accounting for every dollar that goes into your project. Rest assured, you will always know what you are paying for.

We design a webpage specific to your project so that you can keep up to date with the weekly progress photos and monthly construction calendar. You can even share this webpage with your friends, family, or financier.

We have a superintendent assigned to your project 3 – 4 hours each day to keep the project safe, clean, coordinated, and to make sure that all trades are completing their tasks efficiently – per code, specifications, and the high level of standards we are known for. Keystone Custom Builders, Inc. is proactive, not reactive!
We meet with you on-site each week to address any questions and/or concerns
We hold weekly safety meetings with all employees and subcontractors on the job site
We regularly clean and maintain your job site
We write a Scope of Work and Subcontract Agreement for every Subcontractor and Vendor, laying out detailed job descriptions of the work expected to perform on your job. This not only ensures quality but locks in pricing.
We carry 2 million dollars in General Liability Insurance
We require our Subs and Vendors to carry the necessary licenses, General Liability, and Work Comp insurance
We obtain lien waivers for all payments distributed to our Subs and Vendors. This protects you from property liens and unnecessary legalities.


We believe that the most important function any builder can offer their client is to listen. It takes patience and insight to help a client make the right decisions. Our staff understands that. Having Keystone Custom Builders involved long before breaking ground, assures that what is most important to you will not be lost in the shuffle. With our vast experience, we can help translate your vision and ideas into a finished project.
Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.


Let us be honest, the term ‘quality’ is a well-worn cliché in the construction world. Every builder will tell you that they are a ‘quality’ builder. The expectation of quality workmanship is always a given. There exist other priceless intangibles, such as the flow of the building process, the feeling that the builder is really in tune with what you want, and the satisfaction that comes from the knowledge that you have received the best value for your money. We pride ourselves on going above just sourcing high quality materials and trusted craftsmen.

Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.
Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.


If you have ever experienced the feel of wearing a suit or dress that was tailored just for you, you can appreciate that a home or office building tailored to you is the only way to go! Everyone wants a building that they feel comfortable in. However, comfortable to you is not necessarily comfortable to someone else. Imagine occupying a building or living in a home that is truly an expression of you, your lifestyle, and family/social dynamics with features that add to your comfort, security, and health.

Steps To Building With Keystone Custom Builders – What To Do Next

Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.

Schedule a meeting – Set up a consultation where the Pre-construction/Design & Engineering Process will be thoroughly explained and defined.

Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.

Design phase – You will work with the KCB team to translate the Architectural and Interior Design intent, that is tailored to you, into drawings that can be used for construction.

Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.

Make Selections / Generate Specifications – KCB will work one on one with you to select the finishes and generate the specifications necessary to price and build your home or commercial building during this time, KCB oversees and coordinates the necessary engineering components of the project.

Competitive bid process – KCB distributes plans and selections/specifications to the highest quality vendors to get you the best price (you pay what we pay).

Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.

Project Budget – Pricing is shared with you the Client through a Detailed Cost Breakdown and supporting bids.

Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.

Contract and Building Permits – Once Construction Agreement is Signed, Building permits are acquired.