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Pre-engineered Steel Buildings provide an efficient and cost effective solution to building over 1,400 sq. ft. structures. Appearances make a tremendous impact on attracting customers and influencing purchasing decisions. By using Keystone Custom Builders, on your commercial or retail steel building, whether you’re building a strip-mall, storage facility, machine shop, pole barn, office complex, or seeking to expand your current facility, our professionals can present attractive, cost-efficient solutions to meet your needs.

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Keystone Custom Builders, Inc.

Advantages of CBC

Unmatched Delivery Schedules: CBC is the leader in the industry in providing fast engineering and production times. Scheduling is based on the builder’s needs with direct communication to the person working on their project.

Superior Product: CBC is committed to offering superior quality. We are AISC certified and a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA). We offer an industry-leading 35-year paint finish warranty, and G-90 galvanized secondary material.

Low Erection Cost: CBC’s buildings are easy to erect. A 5” x 1/4” minimum flange means heavier frames, less distortion. A “hammerhead” haunch allows faster connection and bolt-up. The purlin system is designed for easier erection. Flange braces are attached to purlins with self-drilling screws. Continuous by-pass girt system eliminates short cripple girts required to stabilize door jambs. A universal clip is used at 90% of clip locations, saving time in erection and “shakeout”.

Local Processing: 100% of your design, drafting, and manufacturing is done at our location. Your project is not distributed to an off-site location for processing.

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