Steps to Building a Custom Home and Full Home Renovations

Every Keystone Custom Builders home is built on the same foundation: Integrity. Being in business since 1974 and more than 100 years of combined experience in Construction, Keystone Custom Builders is committed to building each home as if it were their own. That means choosing high-quality materials, trusted craftsmen, following through with every detail no matter how large or small, and managing the schedule as carefully as the budget. As a custom home builder each home is unique, one-of-a-kind home designed specifically with the client in mind. No cookie-cutter homes here. Keystone Custom Builders will work with the client to tailor a home to their needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Time and effort should be given to researching and selecting the builder. A good relationship between the builder and the owner is important because, face it, building a custom home is not a small undertaking. Transparent communication combined with highly proven processes and systems, eliminate the anxiety and frustration that many experience with “other builders.” Keystone Custom Builders makes every effort to make the experience a good one.

Keystone Custom Builders believes it is important for someone building a custom home to have the builder involved from the beginning, the conceptual design stage. This includes the property selection and house placement, as these choices can dramatically affect building costs, i.e., access, foundation design, patio exposures, view corridors, energy efficiency, etc. Without experienced guidance, money, time, and effort are spent on a design that proved too costly to build. Keystone Custom Builders believes strongly in the design/build concept, and that is why it is offered to their clients.

While it is best for a builder to be involved from the very beginning, Keystone Custom Builders has been hired at different stages of the design/build process. Following are the steps that need to be accomplished before building a custom home for fully renovating one.

Steps to Building a Custom Home and Full Home Renovations

A set of plans range from those found online to a full set of architectural drawings and specifications. Often the plans purchased online are typically less expensive, but need to be modified for the site, building code, and client specifications. Plans generated by a registered Architect, on the other hand, are more expensive. However, this type of plan is site , code, and client specific.

This step is multi-faceted depending on the client, financing requirements, the detail of plans, and specifications. Without adequate specifications, a lump sum bid is not feasible. Using a “price per square foot” for budgeting can be misleading and dangerous. Square foot pricing does not include size and style of the house, nor does it take into account the desired finishes. Windows, oversized garages, bonus rooms, and utilities can affect the cost of a new house. The key point is that there are a lot of factors to consider when estimating the cost of building a custom home. Caution should be used when making decisions.

Option A: Provide a Complete set of Architectural and Engineered Plans and Specifications(Comparisons-Expensive, but the ONLY way to shop Builders)
This may be a good choice for those who have built homes in the past, with a better idea of what they want. The cost of preparing the estimate is less but the cost of developing the drawings and specifications can be quite expense. By suppling Keystone Custom Builders with a full set of architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings, along with engineered foundation plans, include all specifications with a complete finish schedule, an estimate can be developed at no cost.
Option B: Owner has a Set of Plans They Want to use with a Few Modifications(Flexibility-Provides a good start with a few alterations)
The detail offered in the plans, and the extent of modifications to be made, determines the cost of developing an estimate. The cost for minor modifications can be nominal. Major modifications add to the price of the estimate to include additional drafting and consultation fees by Keystone Custom Builders.

Option C: Design Build(Preferred method–Least Expensive, more flexibility, get exactly what is wanted and needed)
Having the builder involved from the beginning affords the plans and specifications to be developed in parallel. A draftsmen or architect is brought in during this design stage. The goal is to define the components that will go into the home, driven by owner preferences that affect the overall costs. Advantages of the full design/build concept provides a budget that is in line with what the owner wants from the beginning.

There are costs associated with guiding the selection process, generating the specifications and cost estimates. The cost of the work varies with the number of alternate options, revisions, and the complexity of the home.

If the owner partners with Keystone Custom builders, the cost of preconstruction can be negotiated and incorporated into the contractor’s fee.

The client/owner must demonstrate to Keystone Custom Builders their ability to finance the project before any construction can begin. Whether the owner or a bank is financing the project it is important to establish all money matters to it is clear to all involved how the project will be financed.

A contract signed by both parties defines the responsibilities of each party. The contract is a standard construction contract that is adaptable to any construction project.

1. SCHEDULE – The owner and Keystone Custom Builders work together to develop a time frame in which the project will start and be completed. A timeline is created so that these dates can be met. Custom homes tend to have features that take longer to finish. This schedule aides in getting materials to the job on time.

2.COST CONTROL – Keystone Custom Builders has developed a method of tracking costs that has been accepted by most Grand Junction Banks and lending institutions. Actual project costs are reconciled to the budget immediately as they are known. A bi-monthly comparison is completed and issued to the client at every stage of the building process.

3. PAYMENT TERMS AND BILLING – Applications for payment are submitted to the owner or the financial institution (if applicable) on a bi-monthly basis. All supporting documents are included for the clients review and records.

We at Keystone Custom Builders hope this provides you with some insight that you may not have had before. Keystone Custom Builders wants your project to go as smoothly as possible, and we would appreciate the opportunity to join you in the adventure of building your custom home. We invite you to come to our office for a consultation to discuss the process in more detail and answer any of your questions. We are available to take you on a tour of some of our completed homes and introduce you to our previous clients. We look forward to showing you what make our homes truly unique.