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Jarred at Keystone Custom Builders was a pleasure to work with during the construction of our retirement home in Bonnie Brook Vineyards, Palisade Colorado. We had worked with him from the beginning realizing he was very efficient, knowledgeable, experienced with subcontractors and helpful in making changes to our original plan. He was able to keep the project moving even though we were out of town during much of the construction. He always kept us informed, made several useful suggestions and had our confidence in making critical decisions that improved the final product. The project proceeded on time and under budget based on the detailed accounting, system of change orders and Jarred's familiarity of the building process. He handled all of the vendors and subcontractors in a very professional manner, expecting them to fulfill their commitments in a timely fashion. We owe Jarred and the Keystone staff a debt of gratitude for the fine home we are currently enjoying."

-Terry and Alicia Adcock, Homeowner

“We are very pleased with everything, and enjoy living here. Probably the best compliment that I can give you is that we would build it with you again"

- Jeff Nakano, Homeowner

“I am happy to write about my experiences with Keystone. The project was completed ahead of schedule, and on budget. Jarred understood my concern for timely completion of the remodel, and made sure all work was finished as scheduled. I will certainly consider Keystone for any future building projects.”

-W. Jay Hoffman, M.D. | Hoffman Eye Care

“THANKS AGAIN for all of your assistance on this project. A difficult and ‘ugly duckling’ property to begin with but through your insight, recommendations and construction expertise, the property has turned into an attractive and functional office for Kinder Morgan. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”

-Nancy L. Michelson, Manager of Facilities | Kinder Morgan

“Keystone did a major remodel on our house, and did a fantastic job of integrating the new additions with the old structure so that nothing looked like an add-on. They built us one of the nicest backyards in Grand Junction, with an incredible multilevel stamped concrete sitting area. Keystone is an excellent builder-practical and creative, offering good design assistance. Keystone is easy to work with, and they’re subs are highly qualified”

-Doug Simmons, Owner | Enstrom Candies

"We have been extremely pleased with the professional and quality workmanship we received from Jarred Eddy and Keystone Custom Builders. Specifically, their cost estimates were fair and accurate and their assistance in securing the best materials at a reasonable price was appreciated. Jarred always arrived early on the agreed upon work days, staying until the job was completed. He worked toward perfection and our ultimate satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend Keystone Custom Builders to anyone looking for quality work from true professionals.”

-Rudy, Malesich, Homeowner

“We hired Keystone to build our custom home in Quail Run, and they did an outstanding job. Our house is extremely well built…there is no sign of any cracks, there are no squeaks or other problems. We especially appreciate that Keystone kept us so well informed throughout the whole process; we always knew where we stood cost-wise, and what impact any changes would have. We have recommended Keystone Custom Builders to several people, and will continue to recommend them.”

- Mike Sewell, Homeowner

“Keystone built our custom home for us, and it was our first experience building a home. We wanted a low-maintenance house that was very solidly built. Our resources went into structure and foundations, and things like quality doors and windows. Keystone was aware of our inexperience and was extremely gracious, considerate, and responsive throughout the whole process, and helped us make informed and timely choices. They were just delightful to work with."

“I think there are three things that make Keystone an outstanding builder. First, they are very experienced. Second, they have very, very fine subcontractors. Third, the staff helps you make the best decisions, and shares their knowledge without ever being overbearing. We would recommend Keystone to anyone without hesitation.”

-Goodrun Rice, Homeowner

“Everything about Keystone Custom Builders was first-rate. From the outset, you’ve been up front about what was going to happen and when something would get done. Not only did you provide me a timeline schedule for the project, but then you finished 3 days ahead of schedule. The contractors you utilized were very professional and went about their work in a friendly, straightforward manner. Jarred, you kept me informed throughout the project of upcoming activities, when access to the house was needed, and let me know ahead of time if an activity would be delayed. You personally came by for key start up activities…and you made suggestions that helped me make decisions.”

- Kenneth Schreiner, homeowner

“Keystone has always approached their work in a professional manner. They are good to work with... and I would recommend Keystone Custom Builders for any construction job, big or small.”

- Scott Howard, Owner | Dream Cafe, Rockslide Restaurant and Brewery, and Dos Hombres Restaurant

“Our personalities blended well. Kent listened closely to what we wanted--he never let his preconceived ideas get in the way of what we envisioned our Café to be. Some of these ideas might have seemed far fetched to another builder, but Kent was open-minded and sensitive to what we wanted, and he had a great sense of humor.”

- Caryl Rudofsky, Owner | Crystal Café